​Disgaea 5: Guide to a Quick Platinum

Updated as of 10/23/2018


After playing Disgaea 5 and obtaining the platinum trophy in a mere 53 hours, I'm now asking myself, "Just how quick can this be done?" Keep in mind for this initial run, I watched every cutscene and experimented with setups and evilities without looking at what others have done. Now that I have a firm grasp of what to do to obtain all the trophies, I will attempt to run through the game once more, and see how long it will take me to get the platinum. I have a feeling that this can be done in about 25-30 hours. This section will outline the route I will take to quickly obtain the platinum trophy, and will be updated as new changes/developments are made.

After doing some playtesting, I've found that you can obtain the platinum trophy with a unit that has only 10 million base stats (all classes mastered) and the proper support.

Update: I've managed to obtain the platinum in under 6 hours using the route below.

Use the following settings for optimal game speed.



If you want to see what a run looks like for reference: Here is the run I did using the updated strats.


Phase 1 & 2: Beat the story and unlock the Carnage Dimension.


With the current strategies I've found, it takes under 2 hours to unlock the Carnage Dimension. Follow this walkthrough here and it should take you about 4-7 hours. For the Platinum run, you will be doing some extra things during the story to help with the grind for later.

A few notes on the extra things that are not included in the speedrun route:

- IMPORTANT: At the start of Episode 12, you need to create some units in addition to the Celestial Hosts for Netherworld Research. Make 10 of these units (as high level as you can make them) and send each of them off to research the first 10 Netherworlds. Make sure to keep checking them after 10+ stages and send them to research the same Netherworlds over and over until the 100 Netherworld trophy is acquired. Keep in mind that you will need to delete a few blue Netherworlds to have enough room to meet the quota for the trophy.

- You'll need to talk with your important story characters that have a red ! over their head for the 20 Skits trophy. They should have a red ! over their head if a skit is available. This can be done even after Carnage Dimension is unlocked.

- The Carnage Dimension speedrun uses the Gate Key obtained in episode 3 for the Item World adventuring. Do NOT use the Gate Key for a platinum playthrough! It's better to use a weapon as you'll need to find a Legendary Weapon in the Item World for a trophy. I recommend using the Eclipse Wand or Three-Year Killer from the Blood Parch/Scorched Flame Challenge Stage for any and all Item Worlding for this run, as they come legendary which gives you a head start towards the Epic Item trophy (100 rarity), plus, you need to level a weapon to have a chance to visit the Legendary Weapon Mystery Room. Just make a beeline for the Item God for now, and do not attempt to level the chosen item until you have unlocked Carnage Dimension, as doing so will be very slow. If you reach Innocent Town, set the route to Item Boost.

- Jump a LOT and max out the Life Support Squad that enhances base functions to be able to triple jump. It should only take one lvl 640 Gunner to max. 1000 jumps can take a while and might be one of the last trophies you'll get.

Phase 3. Grab Carnage items, enter their Item World, and start mastering all the classes, reincarnate, and get 10 million stats

This section is surprisingly short, and should take a couple hours. Once Carnage Dimension is unlocked, you'll now have access to the game's full postgame. The main goal is to obtain 10 million stats, which is the minimum needed to breeze through all the necessary challenges.

Now the true grind begins. These are the things we want to accomplish next:

- Unlock all generic classes.
- Master all subclasses on one unit.
- Level up one item to 500 and turn it into an Epic item. Preferably a weapon
- Get both Mystery Room related trophies

Head to the Alchemy NPC. You can now make Carnage Eclairs. Have him make some. Replace Mr. Gency Exit with the Carnage Eclair, and keep making Diver-5 and Diver-10.

Now is the time to unlock all the classes. Buy 5 Strange Feelers (monster weapon), Unopened Soda, and Fairy Dust from the store, and use them to unlock some classes. For the Shroom class (kill Mushroom objects), do a stage in the Demonshroom netherworld and kill the mushroom that spawn each turn. For class unlock quests that require a specific type of item, Muscles and Orbs can be acquired in the hospital rewards, and Treasure Box and heal% items can be made in the Alchemy NPC. For Horsemen, a Legendary Spear can be obtained as a one-time bonus in stage 3-2.

If you followed the Carnage speedrun walkthrough, you should have gotten a Geo Blast Scroll form the Chara World. Teach it to Killia. Make a generic monster unit. Any unit will do. We will be using this unit and Killia to get the rest of the trophies. If you don't have a fairly high level Maid yet, create one at lvl 50+.

Enter the Item World of the Eclipse Wand/Three-Year Killer and go through a few floors. After about 10 floors, you should get a Carnage Eclair from the NPC. What we need to do next is start mastering subclasses on our generic unit. Before you do, make sure to get the Workshop Intern evility on both Killia and your generic monster.

Max the enemy strength and EXP in the Cheat Shop, enter the Carnage Eclair, and when you encounter a Geo Symbol, Magichange the monster unit with Killia, then have Killia use Geo Blast on the Symbol (you can also throw a Geo Symbol at an enemy to destroy it and get more EXP, but this is not always doable), then Gency out once all of the unit's subclass ranks have been mastered (6 stars, should say MASTER! on the status screen). Go to Pleinair and change the unit's subclass to an unmastered subclass and repeat. Some subclasses will take more than 1 Geo Symbol to max all ranks out. If this is the case, bring out your Maid and use Afternoon Tea on Killia so he can Geo Blast again.

At some point during this Item World grind, you should bring out Asagi and have her throw a Geo Symbol on an enemy, which should level her up high enough to unlock the generic Asagi class.

Once you've unlocked the Professor class, change Usalia's subclass to Professor, Magichange her onto Killia at some point during your subclass grind and destroy at least 2 Geo Symbols with Usalia Magichanged. This saves you from having to create and level a Professor

Between Killia and your monster unit, they should master all the subclasses for a trophy. Both units must master the Twin Dragon and Dark Knight subclasses, Killia must master Valkyrie, Lady Samurai, Pirate, and Sage, and the monster must master Warrior. What you can do is after you go back and change Killia's subclass, change the monster's subclass to something else (e.g. Killia subclasses to Lady Samurai, and monster subclasses to Ninja). Killia should have around 35 subclasses mastered, as he needs to reach 10 million in his offensive stats.

Once this is done, you'll want to reincarnate your monster unit to a Sage. To level up quickly, go back into the Carnage Eclair's Item World and use the Sage to toss a few Geo Symbols at enemies, then Gency out. You may want to have the Sage in the Elite 4 Squad so she gets better stat growths. Around 1.5-2 million INT should be enough for the Sage. She does not need to be lvl 9999 for her role, around lvl 2000-3000 should be enough. Get her some mana by setting Mana and Enemy Strength to max on the Cheat Shop and doing a quick story map with a lot of enemies. Don't forget to lower the enemy strength afterwards. Set EXP to 800% and Mana to 200%

With your Sage, pass the bill to unlock another Unique Evility slot and give her Izuna's Overload. Pass the Unique Evility Slot bill for Killia and Usalia as well, and if you haven't already, pass the bill to unlock Dual Magichange. Give your Sage the Twin Heads Unique Evility, then Purgatory and Shaking Excitement for the regular Evilities. Megaphone is recommended for 2nd weapon. Put her in the Foot Soldier squad. Set the enemy strength to 20 stars. Go back to whatever item that you killed the Item God in. Now we can really start leveling it.

You just need to keep spamming Land Decimator from the Base Panel and you'll kill everything unless they're on Invincible or Reverse Damage Panels. Simply skip those floors if you see any of the aforementioned Geo Effects. The item should be high enough of a level that you'll be seeing high leveled enemies (in the 4000-6000s), meaning you will get a lot of high level prisoners to fuel your Squads.

You'll usually get two or more levels for clearing a floor just by spamming Land Decimator. Make sure to kill all Item Bosses (Generals, Kings, Gods). Keep doing this until the item is Epic and level 500. For every 25-30 floors, you'll want to exit the item and check the prisoner status. Have Killia in the Interrogation Squad so he can Interrogate all prisoners you acquire. Once they're all interrogated, dump them all into the Elite 4 Squad. Use this time in the base to check your Netherworld Research progress as well, then resume the item leveling.

There are also two trophies that involve Mystery Rooms. If you haven't gotten any of the Mystery Rooms yet, change the route to Mystery Room route in Innocent Town (talk to the Rabbit NPC) and just keep clearing floors. You may want to switch to a Mystery Room route once the item is about lvl 300. Eventually you'll get the Mystery Rooms you need and the trophies to go with it.

You should have run into a random boss called Proto Darkdeath in your Item World journey. If you haven't killed him once yet, you can pass a bill to "Challenge a Crazy Opponent" and head to the Item World of a weak item and traverse it until you encounter him. He'll be really weak and easily disposed of in one hit.

If you've made the item Epic and lvl 500, and still not gotten both Mystery Rooms needed for trophies, then pick a non-weapon item. Head to the Innocent Town, make sure the route is set to Mystery Room, and exit the item. Now re-enter it, keep using Divers on a floor not ending in 0, 1, 5, or 6 and you will eventually get both rooms. If you run out of Divers, simply return to pocket Netherworld via the Give Up option (don't use a Gency) and repeat the Diver spam again.

Once you are done with the Item World trophies, we need to get Killia to 10 million stats. By this time, the Elite 4 Squad will be maxed out or close to it, which is why we didn't do this step sooner. Reincarnate Killia, and equip all Smart/Mean Guy evilities on him. Equip him with the Raised Flag and put him in the Elite 4 Squad, and make him Leader. Set EXP to max at the Cheat Shop. Have Killia revisit a Carnage Eclair at 20* difficulty and start throwing Geo Symbols at enemies. After 3-4 Symbols are thrown, move to Carnage Martial Trial 4 at 1*. Pass the Triple EXP bill before clearing this stage each time. Equipping a Fire elemental weapon while maining a Sword should allow Killia to one-shot the Bears with a Squad Attack. After 2 clears of this, you can remove Killia from the Elite 4 squad and he should get to lvl 9999 much easier. Make sure he has 10 million ATK and INT afterwards, though.

Go to the Cheat Shop, set to the enemy difficulty to 0* and activate Back to Square One option. Return to the stage where you 'fought' the Carnage Prinny, and actually kill him with Killia this time. You'll get a unique Evility slot. Now we can have some fun.

Phase 4. Set up to beat the Carnage stages and Carnage Dark, get 10 billion damage, clean up everything else

At this point, we're ready to defeat the hardest boss for the Platinum, and tie up any loose ends.

You can take a detour first and take care of the 50 One-Time Bonuses trophy. If you do, take this time to prepare a kickass curry before you clear any stages. Use 3 Carnage Elixirs as the main ingredient (Or Carnage Eclairs if you don't have Carnage Elixirs) and 100 Fist weapons and the rest of your non-curry healing items for the other ingredients.

To get the 50 One-Time bonuses, you simply need to enter old story maps and spam Land Decimator with your Sage until everything is dead to clear the stage in a few seconds. I recommend checking the number of enemies you've killed in the map, and enter stages that have 9+ kills. From what I've seen, having 11 enemies in the map will guarantee a maxed Bonus Gauge after killing everything with Land Decimator, so for maps with less than 11 enemies, use a few Filler items to increase the Bonus Gauge before spamming Land Decimator. This will take only about 20-30 minutes to do, depending on what stages you've chosen.

At this point, you should have everything you need to defeat the Carnage Stages and reach Carnage Dark. By using the following setup, you should be able to clear everything with Killia. Eat your curry and prepare to finish off this platinum!

Support NPC Setup
Critical Curry (add 100 Fists)
Foot Soldier squad (Squad level maxed, and squad filled with 20 units and 225 prisoners dumped into it. Killia must be leader)

Unique Evilities
Magic Bundle
Assault Attack

Common Evilities
To the Death
Star Break

Support Crew
Chimera x8 (Lower enemy stats)
Angel x4 (Angel Song buff + Revive)
Maid with 3 Shoes (Afternoon Tea)
Usalia with Medical Insertion Evility, and +4 Braveheart/Magic Boost
Izuna/Nine-Tails (Magichange for Good Fortune)


Equipment does not really matter, but I had a staff and 3 sets of Carnage shoes on my main, with Megaphone as subweapon.

Strategy for the Carnage stages is simple. For the stages up to Toto Bunny Castle, simply bring out 3 of your weak units and have Killia out, then end your turn. Buff Killia with Magic Boost, surround him with 4 Celestial Hosts, and use Comet Disaster

Later on, you can get very far by exploiting Assault Attack and Magichanges. Use Filler items to max the Bonus Gauge and Magichange with Usalia, Izuna, a Nether Noble, and an Imp. Have Killia move forward as far as he can, then have a Maid use Afternoon Tea, then move Killia back and surround him with your buff units. Send out as many Chimeras as you can, and Comet Disaster should wipe out most, if not all of the enemies at that point. Any enemies remaining can be cleaned up with Squad Attack.

Once you reach Carnage Gorgeous, you might want to start passing the All-Out Attack bill to raise the dispatch limit to 20. Keep the following things in mind for the later Carnage stages:

Carnage Toto Bunny Castle
Send a unit to blow up the Prinnies that are high above via throwing. If left alone, they can and will be thrown by the Wrestlers, doing more damage than anything else the regular enemies can throw at you.

Carnage Gorgeous
The initial circle of enemies looks intimidating, but there's one huge flaw in it. None of the enemies in the circle will swarm and attack you unless you attack one of them. At most, you'll be attacked by 4 members in that circle. The usual sacrifice units, get Revenge, stack buffs and slaughter everything with Comet Disaster should work here. The Twin Dragons will likely survive, but Squad Attack will finish them off.

Carnage Outer Dark Demise
You want to use Christo in your group of buffers due to the high stats of the enemies. You need to get Killia's Assault Attack close to 200% and INT close to 30 million to have a good chance of killing almost every enemy with Comet Disaster here.

Carnage Dark fight

Carnage Dark is a bit different. He's got a lot of HP (3 billion), has huge MOV and power. Fortunately, you need to kill only him to clear the map. Use the following setup for Killia.

Unique Evilities
Acceleration Shot
Assault Attack

Common Evilities
King's Dignity
Fly Swatter

Supporting Units
Archer x6, equipped with bows
Maid with Afternoon Tea
Celestial Host x3
Izuna or Nine-Tails

Pass 20 dispatch bill and infinite Magichange limit bills for attempting this fight.

Make sure Killia is in the Foot Soldier Squad and is the leader. Squad must have 225+ prisoners and have 20 units in it. Have Crit Curry (a curry with 100 fists put into it) active.

The Fight
Turn 1
Max Bonus Gauge with Filler items, Cast Braveheart on Killia with Usalia.

Turn 2
Magichange Izuna, Usalia, Orc, Imp, onto Killia (Orc Magichange needs to be the main weapon). Deploy 3 sacrificial units and group them as close to each other as possible. Place Killia behind the base panel.

Carnage Dark will warp over and kill the sacrifices once you end your turn.

Turn 3
Have Killia move as far as possible. Send out your Maid and Afternoon Tea Killia (this is to max Assault Attack). Have Killia move back so he is within 3 panels from Carnage Dark, and still can be surrounded by 3-4 units. If Killia was inflicted with Weaken, send Christo out to heal it. Surround Killia with Christo and Celestial Hosts.

Deploy 6 Archers, position them so they can all attack Carnage Dark.

Have 6 Archers set to attack Carnage Dark, with a Squad Attack from Killia at the end of the combo. You should win and get the Dimensional Devastation trophy.

10 Billion Damage

If you followed the above setup for Carnage Dark, you will get this trophy once Carnage Dark falls. If you somehow didn't, or want to do this trophy earlier, this option is available.

This is really easy to get in this game. Look up the challenge map with PSN ID Z-Saver. You'll need the following setup:

- 100% Critical Curry active
- Killia as leader in maxed Foot Soldier Squad

Unique Evilities

Assault Attack
Acceleration Shot

Common Evilities
Impact Charge

3x Angel
5x Archer (low level, equipped with weakest bow)
Professor with Magic Boost that's at least +5

- Have Killia go up to the archers and end the turn.

- Deploy some units and have them use some Filler items to max the Bonus Gauge.

- End your turn 4 times to have the enemy archers attack Killia. Make sure he goes into Revenge Mode after this.


The following actions must be all done in the same turn

- Cast Braveheart on Killia
- Magichange with Usalia, Brave, Imp, Izuna onto your spellcaster unit.
- Deploy 4 Archers, have them set to attack the Slime (Do not execute yet).
- Surround Killia with 3 Angels + Christo
- Have your spellcaster cast Tera Fire on the Slime.
- Press Execute, and you should hit over 10 billion easily.

Note that Squad Attack has a stupidly high damage ceiling, so using that instead of a spell should yield results way higher than the requirement. ​

Note that if you destroy one of the Geo Symbols near the Archers in the map, you will get the Geo Master trophy.

This takes care of all the "hard" trophies in the game. If you have any trophies left to clean up, you can easily do so in under an hour. Some of the ones you might be missing are:

Gimme a Trophy! ("I Want A Trophy" bill) - Land Decimator + Twin Heads Evility = gg

Greater Netherworld (100 Population) - Head to regular Asagi Stage with Megaphone equipped on Sage. Spam Land Decimator to clear the stage and get a lot of prisoners. Keep making the prisoners citizens until trophy pops.

100 Captures - You might not have this trophy even though you've captured over 200 enemies via Megaphone. It turns out you need to use the Capture Skill on an enemy at least once to get it (At least on PS4, this is fixed in the other versions. Add someone to the Capture Squad, then send them to any stage with capturable enemies and use the skill.

1000 Jumps - Just keep jumping in the base if this isn't already obtained. Max out the Life Support Squad and put any unit in it to obtain the ability to triple jump in the base.

100 hits on allies - Have Life Support Squad maxed and put at least one character in it. In the base, go up to any unit and keep pressing Square/Y to hit them until the trophy appears. Use a Prinny for maximum entertainment.

A Minor Setback (Game Over) - Pass bill to enter Celestial Hell (costs 100 Mana, should be at very bottom of the list). Enter the stage, and just deploy your weak units until you Game Over. Alternatively, enable Back to Square One at the Cheat Shop, and head to stage 4-5. Spam Land Decimator until Game Over.

Making it Rain - Try to pass a bill that has a very low chance of succeeding, then just pay 100 million HL for an easy trophy. You probably have this already from trying to pass the Infinite Magichange bill.

This Calls for Teamwork - Send out Killia and Usalia. Place them next to each other. Use any one of the skills that have a C icon.

​And that's that. Platinum achieved. This has come a long way since a couple of years ago. Just goes to show how much time you can save in this series if you have a good idea on what to do.


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