​As some of you might know, the website went down a few weeks ago. The reason for that is I am going to be changing the hosting for the site soon, as I have not been very pleased with the tools I've had to work with currently. Expect the site to be offline for a good week this month while I work on revamping everything and moving everything over. Hopefully this transition will mean more motivation to update going forward. I still have some things I'd like to get out there, like my SGDQ 2018 experience, my current plans in life, gaming and such.



RPG Limit Break 2018 happened about 2 weeks ago. It was a fun event, and had a lot more of a homely feel compared to GDQs. I did get to run a post game category of Disgaea 5 there, which you can find here. Overall, I did feel that the run went okay, but could have done more to make the presentation better. This was the farthest I've been west of the country and I had a bad headache during the days leading up to the run, but I can use the experience to make things better. Since that's done and in the books now, I'm turning my attention to preparing for SGDQ 2018. I've been working on overhauling the Disgaea 5 walkthroughs, and I've finally managed to complete the Disgaea 5 speedrun ones for the Main Story and Carnage Dimension. Next up on the revamping is Baal and Platinum Trophy. I did update the current Platinum Guide slightly to reference more updated strategies, but it's not fully complete yet. Whether or not they'll be ready to upload on site before SGDQ remains to be seen, as real-life obligations are all over the place, but I'd love to have everything all finalized before I leave for SGDQ in 3 weeks.

On a side note, I'd like to one day have some sort of compendium for Disgaea 5 up at some point. I was hoping that the game's PC release would help me work towards that, but instead, it's a victim to the delay epidemic and has caused a lot of unnecessary drama among the fans. Unfortunately, it is what it is, and I'm hoping it doesn't overshadow the game's GDQ appearance. It's funny to look back and think that I started this site due to wanting a place to post my ideas on Disgaea 5. To think that I'd end up doing speedruns of it and getting the game into two big speedrun marathons still feels a bit surreal. It does tell me I'm heading in the right direction, so I'll do my best to make the most of the opportunities I've got.



Well, it happened. Disgaea 5 will be making an appearance at RPG Limit Break 2018 AND SGDQ 2018! I'm going to work on the site overhaul over the next few days. It should hopefully be done by next week and things should be easier to update in the future. Hopefully this will motivate me to update more.



​It's a new year, which means it's probably time for an update. There hasn't been much to talk about the past few months, but I've taken this past week to reflect on 2017 and what I want to do going forward. I've thought about why I've stuck with the speedgames I have and why I've dropped some games. I'm not sure what this year will bring yet, but I'm considering doing an overhaul of the site this year, and that could motivate me to post more content.

For now, I'm working on submitting Disgaea 5 to RPG Limit Break 2018 and SGDQ 2018. It'll probably be my main speedrun objective until gets in both events, and once that goal is met, I can say I'll be satisfied with what I've done during my time speedrunning. Should it get in to either event, I do have a lot of ambitious plans for it. I will not be attending AGDQ 2018 in the coming weeks due to not getting the game in and not having enough time off to attend both GDQs/RPGLB. Either way, I'm still working on fine-tuning the routing for the game to get a reasonable estimate going. Once that's done, I'll likely update the current routes I have posted here.

​Here's hoping 2018 will be an amazing year.



I'm still alive. I've been distracted by a few activities as of late. Namely, streaming and speedrunning. I've been working on finding a few games to speedrun these past few months. I do feel that my tendency to pick obscure games leaves me in the middle of a solitary island at times, but that's the path I've chosen. Sometimes, I do feel like I miss out on opportunities to interact with other people by not picking more popular titles, but I want to carve out my niche as a gamer/speedrunner first. Maybe I overdid it too much that the AGDQ run was a little TOO memorable, that the memory will never really escape me, but at the very least, I would like to be known for other things besides that one run.

Went to SGDQ 2017 as an attendee and tried to talk to more people, which I did. That's the one thing I didn't do a lot of at AGDQ 2017, and I'm glad I did so this time. I got to know some people a little better, and met some new ones, which was something I wanted more than getting a run in this time. Let's face it, it's one thing to have a successful GDQ run, but to me, it doesn't mean a whole lot if I do not have many strong connections within the community.

Streaming has also been a bit of an up and down experience for me. Viewership and chat activity tends to vary a lot depending on what I play and what days I stream. At least some people drop by every now and then so there's that? I'm still trying to find what works for me as far as streaming goes. I'm not really sure what my viewers want from me at times, but I just do whatever I'm in the mood for at the time (Suggestions are very welcome if you are a viewer who happens to be reading this). Maintaining chat activity has also been difficult, as I'm not exactly the greatest when it comes to on-the-spot conversations, but I just have to keep doing it to find what works for me.

As far as speedgames go, I decided to look into the one game that inspired this site's name: Disgaea 5, and oh boy, have I put in some work in that game. I managed to turn the story mode into a 90-minute speedrun after a few weeks of experimenting. I guess the answer for what speedgame to try next was right next to me this entire time. As a result, I've finally cleaned up some of the long unfinished Disgaea 5 sections in the site, which include an updated platinum route, and a story mode speedrun route.

As for other speedgames, I've dabbled in some of the Neptunia games as well. Although they are not as interesting as Disgaea 5 from a speedrun perspective (unskippable cutscenes!), they are fun enough to play that I can continue to work on some of them as the year goes on. I'm slowly crafting a route for Rebirth 3's True End, and while it is a very RNG dependent run, it is interesting to see just how far one can take the game down even with subpar luck.


AGDQ 2017 happened last month. I had a blast. Definitely the best week I've had in a long time. I've posted my thoughts about the run I did. Where do I go from here? I'm still dealing with the aftereffects of the GDQ run. It's definitely going to be an interesting transition, going from literal nobody to a somebody overnight. I did get a lot of followers after the run, but I'm not expecting to keep all of them, as I'm still learning what people will want from me and what makes them stay. For now, I'm just going to stream more often and see who shows up regularly. Finding out who will stick around and watch me is definitely my first step, and I will take it from there.

As far as projects go, I'm closing the books on Mighty No. 9, and starting a new chapter of my speedrunning story. I feel that I've done enough and found the game's potential, and there are other games out there that need the same treatment. I've got many backlogged games I still need to play through, and speedrunning will make it difficult to beat them all, but I'm going to try and beat one game a week, while doing some exploring and figuring out what games I should devote my time to next. I've got some ideas, but I'll need to try the games out first before I make anything definitive. I do want to try running a game that's already got an established route, just to get a feel for what that experience is like, and I definitely want to try running a JRPG, that much is certain. Right now, I've done a few runs of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, and I definitely recommend the series to anyone. I'd like to have more variety however, so for the time being, I'm looking into other games to run alongside it. ​



Well, I'm back, sorta. A lot has happened the past few months. The biggest item of interest is that I will be performing at AGDQ 2017. Specifically, I will be playing Mighty No. 9 on January 11th, around 8pm EST. As this is an opportunity that doesn't come often, most of the weeks leading up to that date will be spent preparing for it. The main issue is that I'm looking to run the hardest difficulty as a donation incentive, which is something that's mostly uncharted territory. As such, my latest project for this site will be working on a speedrunning guide for the game to preserve the tech and strategies for anyone looking to run the game in the future, as well as for myself, should I choose to return to the game after taking a long break, as I am definitely looking to try out running other games in the near future. In the meantime, I'll be mostly found on Twitch trying to refine my route and execution for the big day.


This is that time of the year for me when real life stuff takes precedence. I've got an exam to study for, so from now until November, my video game time shall be drastically reduced. I'll be churning out some speedruns on Twitch every now and then, and doing some routing, maybe learn a new game. For now, Twitch will be the best place to reach me.

I did finally finish off Cloudberry Kingdom and put that demon to rest. The final level certainly wasn't too difficult compared to the previous one, but it still required some dedication to clear. My final thoughts on the game is that it's definitely a lot harder than the likes of Super Meat Boy, Like any difficult game however, perseverance and determination will win out in the end. I certainly would not advise anyone to play this one for several hours straight, as it's very rough on the hands.

Well, that's it for now. Updates will be slow, as I'm laying out some speedrun tips for my first speedrun game: Mighty No. 9.



Quite a busy month June was. I made some progress on Cloudberry Kingdom and am now at the final level (Live reaction for those interested), though a couple of games came out the week after that caused me to shift my focus on them. Namely, Mighty No. 9 and Star Ocean 5. I did manage to complete both games and even tried my hand at speedrunning Mighty No. 9, with some positive results. I definitely felt some tension on my arms after going through those platformers, but nothing too crippling so far. The speedrunning community is definitely one of the more supportive communities I've been exposed to so far, and it makes me want in on it more.

Which brings me to my next point. I've been meaning to get this off my chest for a while, but lately, I've been dissatisfied with the trophy community and PSN as of late. Most of my recent interactions on there have been 'one-offs', where it's usually a couple of exchanges or someone will ask me for tips/help, then the conversation just fizzles after I reply with what they want. I've even had several people ask me to earn trophies for them, which is not something I support. Maybe it's the way I initially come off, but when the only interactions you've been getting for a while are ones where people just blow you off once they get what they want from you, or are just essentially using you as a means to an end, it's not too hard to see why I tend to act a bit distant at times. Most people don't even bother saying thanks or giving acknowledgement after I give them an answer. Is it really that hard? I'd like to be more supportive, I really do, but if there's something you must know about me, it's that I tend to have a reflective personality, which is to say I will treat you the same way you treat me, and with the recent treatment I've been getting, perhaps it's time I make some changes.

I'll still continue to get trophies, as it goes along with what I've always enjoyed doing. I'll still continue to post notes on games I do if I need to. I'm just going to be focusing more on actual speedrunning from now on and less on trophies and the trophy community, as the speedrunning community has more promising prospects as it stands. I'm also going to start making more videos for Youtube and streaming on Twitch, as I'm in a much better position to do so now.

With that said, I'm currently dumping what I know from Star Ocean 5 into Notepad, which will be up in a few days, then I'll start on the Mighty No. 9 speedruns again over the next few days, with some Cloudberry level 320 practice sprinkled in. I know Mighty No. 9 is not exactly the best game in the world to start off speedrunning with, but hey, it's better than nothing, amirite?



Well, after going through several Vita games last month without issue, I'll be returning to some harder games and setting a goal to beat Cloudberry Kingdom before June 21st. Assuming I don't injure myself again in the process, I believe this is feasible. June 21 is when Mighty No. 9 releases. While I'm not that hyped for the game, I'm looking forward to finding out ways to break the game. I'm anticipating the worst and that the game will have some nasty bugs, but we'll see. The anticipated game of the month for me is Star Ocean 5. While it supposedly isn't as long as Star Ocean 4, I'm still looking forward to sinking my teeth in another lengthy RPG. In the meantime, I'll plug away at Cloudberry Kingdom, and finish up the write-ups I've had brewing in Notepad for a while. Hopefully there'll be some notable updates this month.



Trillion: God of Destruction coverage is pretty much complete, barring a couple missing details. I'm starting a random log of my Yu-Gi-Oh pulls in the Articles section just for the heck of it. MegaTagMension Blanc comes out next week, so I'll probably turn my attention to that for a bit while the game is still fresh.



Finally got some site content up after a long time. I've outlined a guide on how to beat Trillion: God of Destruction easily. Stay tuned for more to come!



What a month this has been so far. I'm finally feeling a lot better after over two months of enduring pain. I've made a lot of changes to my quality of living and it seems to have paid off. I did a little experiment the last few days, and I've been able to marathon games for several hours without experiencing any searing pain, so I think it's safe to say I'm back and ready to resume work on my year-long plans. I also need to take care of some unfinished business, which currently includes:

- Beat Carnage Baal in Disgaea 5
- Complete Cloudberry Kingdom
- Do a real site content update
- Assimilate myself in the realm of speedrunning

I did get the platinum trophy (and 7000th PSN trophy) for the recently released Trillion: God of Destruction, which I used for my little experiment last weekend. If done correctly, the game is about a 25 hour platinum. It's highly likely I'm going to write up a guide for this game this week while it's still fresh in my mind. I'd love to record a video of a possible speedrun of this game (estimate at 2 - 3.5 hours depending on luck), but I need to get an HDMI splitter (which is on the way) to get this game to work with the PS TV, so it may take a while before it becomes a reality.

I also decided that it would be best to have something else to take a break from gaming once in a while in order to not overwork my hands every week, so I've decided to return to an old interest of mine: collecting Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. The game has changed considerably since I last played it (2010 with Reverse of Arcadia DS game), so I have a lot of catching up to do. I also have to get used to dueling people IRL, as I'm so used to playing the video games. I'm definitely up for talking about the game if any of you readers are up for it, so hit me up! Currently, I've managed to pull enough cards to assemble a semi-decent deck (thank goodness for Premium Gold sets), and the local card shop is about a 5 minute drive from home, so I think this will work out nicely for me.

tl:dr version: I've mostly recovered from tendonitis, will be streaming/updating/playing more, picked up Yu-Gi-Oh! again.



It appears I may have had a case of wrist tendonitis this whole time. Fortunately, I've been taking some steps to change my routines and this week, I've resisted the urge to play video games and my wrists feel much better as a result. Previously, I've mostly stuck to playing my 3DS on weekends, but even that would cause some issues. I'm going to go another week without playing video games as a precautionary measure and see if I can get by without feeling anything unusual for a whole week. My hope is to return to playing video games, get some streams going, and take care of some unfinished business next month.



Last month was quite interesting. I attended a meetup with some speedrunners around the area, and I got some neat ideas from it, as far as streaming and setups are concerned. I also experienced firsthand the importance of having to take a break every now and then. That wrist problem I had a few months back? It came back last month, with a vengeance, on both my wrists. Unfortunately, this will set me back for a few weeks until I see a specialist to get this problem resolved and under control. It doesn't help that I was trying to complete the notorious Cloudberry Kingdom last month too. As much as I'd like to beat the last two stages, sometimes you need to realize when to take a break and try another day, so I've decided to limit my gaming time for now and stick with menu-driven games, as it's not worth the potential risks if I were to continue to play more hardcore titles in my current state. Once I return and am at 100% though, I hope to explore more ideas on Twitch, and get back into the groove, as well as finish Cloudberry Kingdom.



Well, it looks like a new year is upon us, and it's been almost two months since an update, so here we go. I've been writing stuff, actually. I just haven't been publishing it. It's funny how things don't always go the way you think they might. I haven't touched my consoles in a while due to some recent issues with my wrists. Instead, I've been mostly playing my 3DS and Vita since the last update and knocked off a few games from my handheld backlog. I did defeat regular Baal in Disgaea 5, but haven't attempted the Carnage version yet. I do intend to do so (and finish the site's Disgaea 5 section eventually) in order to call the game completed, but I'll have to pull myself away from my handheld systems first.

This year looks to be a busy one for me, as I have quite a few real-life objectives I wish to accomplish by the year's end, meaning I'll be spending less time on video games overall. I'm very likely to go a month or two without playing anything at all. That doesn't mean I'll stop or give up gaming completely, however. I will still try and update whenever it's possible, and I'm going to try and set up a routine where I can just sit down and reflect on previous events (i.e. site updates) more often.

Anyways, as far as what's new: Since weekly updates are unlikely this year, I'm going to change the Typo of the Week section to a Typos of the Month section, where I'll just post any and all typos I happen to run into for the current month.

I've (mostly) finished the long dormant Woah Dave! section, and also been sporadically working on my random casual 'speedruns' log. These aren't really 'true' speedrun routes per-say (life's too short and my backlog's too big to devote months trying to optimize a true speedrun route down to the exact button presses and movements, especially by myself), but rather, a log of the things I've done while playing my most recent games in order to complete them quickly, as well as random tidbits I've noticed while playing that may help future players finish these games quicker. I've also got an article in the works that summarizes 2015 for me, which I'm looking to get up next update.




Gosh, it's been a while since I've updated. I'm not abandoning this site any time soon, so no need to worry. What happened, you say? Lots of stuff. Just a few examples:
>- Real life obligations, late night meetings, and such.
- Got involved with boosting a game earlier than expected.
- Bought more games, increasing my backlog and knocking off a few things from my wishlist.
- Thanksgiving, Black Friday sales, etc
- I did follow through with my plan to stream and platinum Disgaea 5 in one weekend. It went better than expected, with a total play time under 24 hours from starting the game to earning the platinum.

A lot of my time last month was spent playing Disgaea 5, working on refining my Platinum route, making videos, and preparing for the superbosses. Just when you think you have it mostly figured out, you learn something new which causes you to do a lot of revisions. It's definitely one of the things I love about the series. As far as actual updates go, I've heavily revamped the Disgaea 5 Platinum Route to make it more presentable and include the stuff I found since the last update. I also added a section with the song lyrics for a couple of the Disgaea 5 songs. This month is going to be a lot easier on me for updating because of the lack of new releases that interest me. I do intend on writing something up for Dragon Fin Soup at some point (the platinum is still unobtainable as of this writing), but for now, expect more stuff about Disgaea 5 to pop up soon.



I've been sidetracked by this month's PS+ game: Dragon Fin Soup, hence the lack of updates. At this point, I can pretty much confirm at least two trophies are not unlocking properly. I have played the game long enough that I can write up a walkthrough and tips guide for it, so look forward to that section coming up soon! There is still one trophy I have a theory on how to unlock, but other than that, it's evident that there's not much else I can do besides report my findings and wait for a patch to fix all of this, if ever.

It does mean I can follow through with my plan to platinum Disgaea 5 again this weekend. I shall be streaming most, if not all of it, so check it out this Saturday!

In the meantime, enjoy a two-for-one package with the Typo of the Week.



I've added a section which outlines a route that I believe should get you the Disgaea 5 platinum trophy easily. I'm going to test this next weekend to have a more concrete idea of what needs tweaking, but I believe it's possible to achieve the platinum in about 25-30 hours if everything goes accordingly. A new Typo of the Week is also added.



I've acquired the platinum trophy in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance. This is a rather short one, folks, taking a mere 53 hours of playtime, which included watching every single cutscene and screwing around a lot. Stay tuned, for incoming content on the game! In the meantime, check out my YouTube channel, which has videos

​on some of the trickier trophies in the game.




The Super Meat Boy section of the site is pretty much done, with the exception of an article on the game's mechanics, and videos for the earlier Iron Man runs. I've started playing Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance for now, and hope to have something up for that section of the site this weekend.



Iron Man section of Super Meat Boy is mostly complete with level breakdowns for all worlds. I also opened up my Fat Prinny figure.




A working section on the Demon Boy and Zombie Boy trophies published in the Iron Man section.



​Super Meat Boy section of the site has been updated, with some insight on the Iron Man trophies, along with some coverage on the hardest ones.



Super Meat Boy Platinum attained. Proof below, and yes, I will be covering this game on this site, so that you can get this screencap on your own system too. Stay tuned!




Site published.

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