Who Am I?


I am many things, and go by many names. I grew up playing video games and still enjoy them to this day. My favorite genres are RPGs, 2D platformers, and puzzle games. I also enjoy games that are unique and creative in nature. I've always had a keen interest in challenge runs. When I play games, I would usually try for a no-damage run, or no special weapons run, or a speed run, although I usually just tried to find all the secrets and get 100% in the game. As of late, I've been interested in playing "unique" games, which by my definition, are games that stray from the norm and are not afraid to challenge the player, attempt to be as creative and innovative as can be, and tend to be wacky or over-the-top. I also prefer games with cartoony graphics. The more a game diverts from reality, the more likely I am to play it.

The alias most people would associate me with is greenzsaber. This username was born due to my obsession with the Mega Man Zero games at the time. Since then, I've stepped into the world of Playstation and became interested in obtaining trophies in games, which came naturally due to my tendency to want to complete my games. I've also been the first person in the world (according to several trophy tracking sites, at least) to 100% some games during my time on PSN. Recently, I've rekindled my interest in challenge runs, which has led me to try to find interesting ways to get all trophies quickly. So far, I've been enjoying it, as it's added a new dimension to my hobby and has made even the short and simple games more interesting to play through.

Now, you're probably here because you're one of those people who are intrigued by my profile and want to get some answers from me about how I've managed to pull off such-and-such. Well, you've come to the right place! I certainly do have a lot of things to say, that's for sure. I've decided, I cannot keep giving people the same explanation individually, so I'm putting all of that on this site instead.

When I'm not trying to find more interesting ways to go through a video game, I'm exploring the great outdoors to discover what new connections and opportunities are out there. I do have other nerdy interests, which I may delve into later in this site's life.


Have you ever had a great idea pop up in your head, only to have it disappear hours later? I certainly have. Way too many times to count. Many times, I have come up with an interesting concept or thought, and never made use of it. When I play games, I formulate a lot of ideas and plans on how to approach the game that I come up with on the fly, and many of them are forgotten the next day. With so much potential at hand, this site will be my answer to harness it.

I've written a number of walkthroughs and guides throughout the last few years. While they felt exciting to write initally, I eventually lost interest in them as I was subject to using certain formats or layouts, and never really had full control over my works once they were up on various websites. In 2014, I experimented a little with blogging, and got a decent amount of hits (about 50k overall) out of it, although I never posted regularly enough to really make it the next big thing. It did make me realize that I could make something big of my own if I put in enough time and effort into it, hence, this website.

I've been going through a number of transitions in my life this year. I took a personal vow to try more new things, experiment more, and put myself out there more. Oftentimes, I have wondered what could have been if I had started a website like this years earlier. What's done is done however, and the only thing left for me to do is press on. This website is one of many big plans I have going forward, and I hope to see it expand into an interesting and reliable exhibit of information for the games I play.

In short, this site is going to serve as my little sanctuary where I can exercise creative freedom without any restrictions and dump any noteworthy ideas that happen to pop in my head to preserve them for the future. I will be doing game reviews, game walkthroughs, game tips, an occasional blog-ish post, and write random articles on life and whatever's on my mind. This site is for me more than anything, but if others find this place interesting, by all means, come in and join the fun.


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My PSN Trophies - should give you an idea of my gaming interests


Due to several reasons, I've changed my privacy settings on PSN effective 2016. It is still possible to add me on PSN, but you'll need to send me a nice introductory message telling me something about yourself and why you're interested in doing so before I oblige.