Iron Man Guide



Blood Clot Boy​

Overall Impression

Not too tough of an Iron Man, but you'll need to do some more precise maneuvers (such as wall sliding, jumping in the middle of two hazards) probably for the first time in this world. Think of this run as a preview of things to come.

My Recommended Order

12, 18, 3, 4, 5, 13, 14, 15, 17, 6, 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, 18, 20


My Run



(Use The Kid unless I say otherwise)
All level ratings are relative to this world's levels only.


Difficulty: Easy
Not much to say here. Just keep moving and avoid any spiky surfaces.

Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Drop straight down and cling to any safe walls occasionally. Double jump will give you some room for error.

2-3X (Use Ogmo)
Difficulty: Hard
This level should be your first practice with tight jumps. Wait for a single gear to fire and the double gears below to hit a wall before dropping down to the corridor below.

2-4X (Use Jill)
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
As a general rule, when dealing with fans, try to go as close to them as possible to get the maximum height when being blown up. Jill makes doing just that a lot easier. Basically, if you don't get enough height from a fan, use her air brakes to get as close to the fan as possible.

Difficulty: Medium
The area is very large, so the odds of dying aren't that high, but you still need to be careful. Head right, scale the wall (for the part with the gear, double jump to the left), and ride the fan to the left area. From there, just stay above as much as possible.

Difficulty: Easy-Medium
The first part is the hardest. Ride the fan to the left and jump to the right wall. Be careful on the next part and make sure to land on the surfaces that look straight. Once you get to the 2nd fan, the hard part is over. Just use double jump to climb to walls and reach Bandage Girl.

Difficulty: Easy
This one is mostly making sure the slugs are out of the way before advancing.

Difficulty: Easy-Medium
If you go to the top, you can easily jump between the needle piles by holding the run and jump buttons. Rest of the area isn't too bad if you make use of your double jumps and don't touch any floor or wall that looks spiky.

Difficulty: Easy
Head to the right as quick as you can. Around the 6 second mark, the smaller blobs will end up mostly on the right side, meaning you're free to start moving left.

Difficulty: Easy
Use your double jumps to get you out of bad jumps and this level is easy. Jill also breezes through this one.

Difficulty: Easy
Hold run the entire time. When you get to the second key, you can climb on the locks and wait on top of the alcove where Bandage Girl is.

Difficulty: Hard
Once you get the first key, everything gets more hectic. Watch the falling gears and start jumping to the platform they're on when the gears are about to land. When you're in the center area (where the last key is kept), wait until a horizontal and vertical gear passes you, then it's safe to jump across.

Difficulty: Medium
This one is just a matter of avoiding everything that can kill you. You can choose to take it slow or rush it. I usually just hold run the whole way and jump past everything. The ulcers will usually be in positions that are easy to avoid.

Difficulty: Medium
Ride the fans to the right, then grab the key and head up. Just wait for the slugs to enter the gap in the ceiling before moving past them and grabbing the keys.

Difficulty: Medium
The main tricky jumps are getting past the ulcers that are bobbing back and forth in a tight space. To get past them, just get below them, and hold jump button when they're under you. You'll jump to the opposite wall and slide past them.

Difficulty: Easy
This level is just a matter of knowing when the lasers will fire and advancing accordingly. You should be able to get through this level untouched if you take your time, but feel free to go faster once you have the laser timing down.

Difficulty: Medium
All the lasers have different timing for when they become active, but when they deactivate, there's more than enough time to pass them carefully.

2-18X (Use Meat Boy)
Difficulty: Hard
The timing of the lasers can be a bit tricky to get down, so I recommend you do this level as one of your first ones.

Difficulty: Easy
If you take this level slowly and don't get too greedy with trying to get to places faster, you should be able to beat it without any issues.

Difficulty: Easy
You can double jump on the outer walls, bypassing the need to get keys, or really, almost everything in the level.