So, you wanna platinum this game, huh?

Well, you've come to the right place! My hope is that this section will help you conquer the infamous Iron Man trophies, which have had many people shaking in fear at the mere mention of them. Before I get into the good stuff, there are a few things you must know about these trophies. They are as follows:

- You must beat all 20 levels in a Light or Dark world in a row and not die a single time. Dying will reset your progress 🙂
- You can do the levels in any order. This means you can pick stage 6 first, then jump to stage 11, and so on, as long as all 20 levels have been covered in the end.
​- You cannot use the Tim (or his special ability?) or Meat Ninja characters, as they will void the trophy. I can confirm using Meat Boy, Alien Hominid, Jill, Flywrench, Commander Video, Ogmo, The Kid, and Gish on any level will still get you the trophy.
- I've confirmed that finishing a level with a glitched Bandage Girl still counts as beating the level. Just make sure to exit to the map after unlocking the glitch world.
- Speaking of which, you can switch to a different character in the middle of the run and not suffer any penalty.
- You can also quit to the map or swap characters to save yourself from an anticipated death without resetting your progress.


Now that you know the rules of the game, you'll need to know what it takes to actually get them all. I believe having the following attributes are important:

- Dedication
​- Ability to adapt and learn from your mistakes
- Staying calm even when faced with failure
​- Good reflexes


If you lack any of these qualities, I suggest developing them, as they will serve you well not only for this game, but for many others as well.

Vita or PS4?

If you own both, I recommend doing the Iron Man runs on the PS4, as the bigger screen will help you time some of the trickier jumps in the game. No fancy controller needed. The regular Dualshock 4 will suffice. While it's possible to platinum the game on the Vita, you really need to hold it steady to pull it off.


Some final words of wisdom

- Despite how this game looks and plays, one thing the game is not is impossible. If you can beat all the levels at least once, you can platinum this game.
- Having a good outlook helps a lot. It's possible you will mess up and die when you're a few easy levels away from the trophy. This has happened to me more times than I'd like. Whether you decide to view it as the game mocking you and give up or view it as getting close to the goal and press on will determine how successful you'll be in the long run.
- A lot of the levels are set up so that they seem difficult. Spend a few hours practicing the levels and learning the tricks to them, and you'll be surprised at how easy most of them can be.
- Get used to being able to summon the pause menu in an instant. You'll probably be needing it.
- Have fun!


Will you play the game on my behalf and get trophies for me?

Here is my response to any and all forms or variations of this question, and I will leave it at that. This applies not just for Super Meat Boy, but for any game.