Super Meat Boy (Vita/PS4) Quick Review


A Little Background:

On October 6, 2015, Super Meat Boy was released for Vita/PS4 and is free for Playstation Plus members for that month.


My prior experience with the game:

I played the Steam version of the game for about 18 hours over a weekend. The Steam version is over 5 years old, so comparisons between the two are inevitable.



A decently challenging trophy list

Skill-based gameplay, die, learn from your mistakes, and improve yourself

Ability to play it on the go (Vita)

Ability to stream gameplay (PS4)



​Music isn't that good compared to the PC version.

Boss fights have no music at all (WTF?)

No Super Meat World (WHY???)

Missing some cool achievements from Steam (glitch zones, Super Meat World)


Vita or PS4?

I'd say the PS4 version is superior. The ability to stream your gameplay plus a bigger screen is cool.


Overall Rating: 8/10

Loses points for being an inferior port of the PC version, but it's still a great game to pick up and play for a few sessions, and I recommend it to anyone.