Iron Man Guide

Squirrel Boy​

Overall Impression
This Iron Man requires a lot more precise jumps, but not TOO precise. A great warm-up world to master the basics for some of the trickier jumps and obstacles to come.

Recommended Order
14, 20, 15, 16, 17, 8, 5, 13, 6, 7, 9, 10, 19, 1, 2, 3, 4, 11, 12, 18


(Use The Kid unless I say otherwise)
All level ratings are relative to this world's levels only.

Difficulty: Easy
Go to the left corner, hold the run button, and jump. At the peak of your jump/slide, hold the jump and right buttons and you'll jump to the platform where Bandage Girl is.

1-2X (Use Meat Boy)
Difficulty: Easy
I recommend just taking the long way, as the gaps in between gears is big enough that you can get through without any issues.

Difficulty: Easy
Do a long jump from the left wall. Not much else to say.

Difficulty: Easy
Long jumps are your friend for the last part.

Difficulty: Medium
For the first part, jump on the wall the gears are on, then when you're below the gear, hold the jump button to jump to the other side and slide a bit upwards. Jump off when you're high enough and repeat.

Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Nice place to get used to wall and long jumping.

Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Jump to the first wall you see, then climb up. Once on top, you just need to jump between two gears and that's it.

Difficulty: Medium
Do a long jump off the left wall, and land on the thin platform. Cling to its wall, then long jump off it to the other thin platform.

Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Fairly straightforward. Just have good control of your jumps and you'll get through it fine.

Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Using The Kid will give you more room for error in your jumps. Just break the vertical walls and jump off them when the way opens up.

Difficulty: Easy
When using The Kid, run off the platform you start on, and you can jump between the two big gears. From there, just double jump your way to the walls, and to Bandage Girl.

Difficulty: Easy
I know jumping between two gears above you at the start looks tempting (and yes, it's possible), but just take the long way for the Iron Man and try that one once you finish it.

Difficulty: Medium
Only hard part is jumping between the two gears that are going up and down (do it when one is at the top and the other is at the bottom). Everything else isn't too hard to get through.

Difficulty: Hard
Climb the walls when the vertical moving gears are moving downwards. For the next part, just be careful and drop down when the bottom horizontal moving gear is close to moving right. For the last part, jump to the gap, and climb up once the gear is out of the way.

Difficulty: Medium
The first few parts are like the light world version, except with gears on the ground. They shouldn't pose too much of a problem. For the last part, just jump over a gear and make a run for it.

Difficulty: Medium
Take your time for this part. For the middle section, drop down after the gears have fired.

Difficulty: Medium
Wait for an opening and head left. Scale the left wall, and double jump over the last buzzsaws.

Difficulty: Easy
When you start out, immediately do a running double jump and you'll land on the wall where the rightmost gear is. From there, the way to Bandage Girl is easy.

Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Almost exactly like the light world version. The advancing gears aren't even a problem if you hold run the rest of the way.

Difficulty: Medium-Hard
The gear shooter has moved to the bottom and now fires upwards. For the brreakable blocks, just jump and cling to one set, then jump to the opposite wall, and jump back to crumble the other set. Then you can jump through. For the final section, start dropping down right after the gears have fired.