Trillion: God of Destruction - First Playthrough Made Easy


Before Starting:
Download any updates for the game. Also download any free DLCs EXCEPT Fox Devil and Polytan Devil. Fox Devil DLC has been known to crash the game when used in-game. Everything else is useful.

What is this guide for?

This guide outlines a quick and painless method to complete a first playthrough of Trillion: God of Destruction in a relatively short time frame. Be warned that this will take away any challenge that this game has. This guide also doubles as a guide for tackling Challenge Mode, as following most of the steps here will allow you to clear it without issues.


The Game's Objectives

You take charge of a group of Overlords from the Underworld, which is currently being besieged by Trillion, the God of Destruction. The ultimate objective of the game is to defeat Trillion and bring peace to the Underworld.


About Trillion and Fighting it

- The entire game revolves around fighting Trillion and defeating it. It is the first, and last boss fought in the game.

- True to its name, Trillion has One Trillion HP. That's 1,000,000,000,000

- Trillion has 3 forms, which it will transform into as its HP gets lower.

- It transforms into a dragon form at 700,000,000,000 HP.

- It transforms into its final form at 350,000,000,000 HP.

- There are 10 characters who can fight Trillion in the story mode.

- Due to story reasons, only one character may fight Trillion at a time.

- You spend a set amount of days training your character so get them strong enough to fight Trillion.

- When a character dies fighting Trillion, they die for good, and another character steps in to take on the role of defeating Trillion, and the training and fighting cycle begins again.

- A portion of the dead characters EXP earned transfers to the next character.

- All items earned from training the character will transfer between characters for that playthrough.

- Any items equipped on a character who died fighting Trillion are lost.

- Depleting all of Trillion's HP ends the current playthrough and begins a NG+.


Route Explanation

In the interest of saving time for the platinum, this route intends to kill Trillion by the 4th Overlord or higher. The reason this saves time is, while it is possible to defeat Trillion with the first 3 Overlords on the first playthrough, the fights will take longer overall since you probably won't be maxed out in stats and skills on your first Overlord, and your next playthrough will not be as smooth if you do this.

Since we can pick the order of our first 3 Overlords, having your second or third Overlord kill Trillion would be wasting time in the grand scheme of things, since you'll need to kill Trillion with 9 different characters for the lovey-dovey endings. Because the order of Overlords after the first 3 is fixed, having any Overlord after the first 3 kill Trillion will be better in the long run. If you follow the route, you'll be able to get max stats and all the necessary skills needed so that beating down Trillion from full HP should take no more than 30 minutes. Obtaining maxed out stats will also make subsequent NG+ playthroughs a lot easier.


First 3 Overlords

- Leave Perpell for your last Overlord, as it seems easier to get training battles against her. More training battles means more extra EXP.
- Focus all efforts on Training. Check the Fatigue bar every now and then. If the bar is around half full, sleep, then continue Training. Pick the training options with the most Overlord icons above it for best results.
- Main reason we focus on training exclusively is to gather a lot of training tokens. More training tokens means more Valley of Swords attempts, which don't take up any days. This will be crucial in making this process a lot easier.
- Get the following Skills: Smash, Exp Boost lvl 2. Get Exp Boost lvl 3 if possible, but unlikely you'll get enough EXP for that. Smash is in case you get into a duel event.
- If you get into a training battle with an Overlord, use Smash to knock her back and she won't be able to touch you. At least for the first battles. They get ranged skills later on, however.
- Lose/retreat all fights against Mokujin. You can attack him for a bit to get some extra EXP, but DON'T KILL HIM! Killing him will completely screw with the route and make things a lot harder for you. We will be killing him later, but for now, leave him be.
- When your Overlord gets to face Trillion, let Trillion kill her.
- For the Death Skill, pick Fortification (halves EXP needed to level up Active Skills). If you want to play it safe, Demon Barrier is the safer option, although it does make your current playthrough longer. If you want to kill Trillion with the next Overlord, I would recommend Fortification as it makes leveling up and getting more powerful easier.

- In Challenge Mode, use Demon Barrier for every Death Skill. You probably will be able to perform this setup and defeat Trillion by your 3rd Overlord if you go with Demon Barrier all the time.



4th Overlord and beyond
- If you've decided that you want to kill Trillion now, then follow the steps below. Otherwise, follow the same steps as the first 3 Overlords until you get to an Overlord you want to win with.
- You should have a lot of Underworld Tokens. Go to Rest --> Underworld Prize, and use all your Tokens on the machine. You will get a lot of gift items as a result.
- Head to Items and give gifts to the Overlord. You can only give 3 gifts a day. Keep doing this each day until her affection at the top right is at 80-100% (Midnight Death and Pheromone Perfume give a huge boost to Ashmedia)
- Learn the skills EXP Boost lvl 2, Smash, Schuzrum Fang lvl2, Flame Dragon, and Charge for the time being.

- Place some points into ATK. You'll probably want to get it to around 250-300 before fighting Mokujin. Keep this in mind. 200 is a good start for now.
- Now we can start the real leveling process. Enter the Valley of Swords and keep clearing it over and over until you can't enter it any more (Kill all enemies then head to the portal before time runs out). You'll get around 30-50 EXP in each stat for each clear assuming you kill every enemy. Make sure to open as many chests as possible too, especially the purple chests.
- Get the following skills:

Schuzrum Fang lvl2

Solid Mind
Final Sprint
Physical Boost
EXP Boost lvl 2
Eagle Eye
Fair 'n Square
Far Cry
Critical Hit


My skill setup is shown below:


- You should have acquired a decent amount of money and a lot of seals from the Valley of Swords runs. Now is the time to use them. Head to the Blacksmith and spend your money to unlock as many seal slots as possible, then add the following seals if you have them, in order of importance:

* Ultimate Fang Seal (+100 ATK)
* True Overlord Seal (+35 All Stats)
* Judgement Seal(+50 ATK, +50 INT)
* Critical Seal (Critical Rate Up)
* Fang Seal (+30 ATK)
* Ultimate Overlord Seal (+25 All Stats)
* Lightning Seal (+30 SPD)

* Pierce Seal (Increase normal attack range)

​* Wide Seal (Increase normal attack range)


These are the seals I ended up using from what I managed to obtain from the Valley of Swords.


- Now, use the days you have to focus on Interactions with the Overlord.
- When the opportunity to fight Mokujin comes, this is our time to finally kill it.

- For reference, these are the stats I had before fighting Mokujin #1



Mokujin fight #1
- Move left and right from where you start out, killing the enemies that spawn as needed. Do not move towards Mokujin yet.
- After about 5 waves of enemies, Simply stay where you are and keep pressing X to attack the air. Keep doing this until the Damage Up % for Solid Mind shown on the right side of the screen is at 200%.
- Check your status every now and then and view your ATK stat. It should keep going up as the battle goes on.

- Once Solid Mind boost at 200% and your ATK is over 900, it's time to go on the offensive.


- Use Charge/I'm a Kangaroo/Flame Dragon to move forward to Mokujin's front to keep your Solid Mind boost. Make sure you're three spaces away from Mokujin, then use Schuzrum Fang. Keep in mind that you need a 900+ ATK stat and 200% Damage Up Solid Mind displayed on the right side of the screen for best results.

If you do this right, you will do around 10-15 billion damage to Mokujin, depending on how lucky you got with crits.


This will give you around 2000-4000 EXP for all stats with EXP Boost lvl 2 on.



Now we're really in business!

With the new EXP you've gained, max out Schuzrum Fang's level (lvl 3), then get the following passive skills as shown. If you don't have enough EXP to get these, you can skip any of the skills that mention ATK% like Move Charge.


Put whatever remaining EXP you have into your stats. Focus on ATK first. These are my stats after allocating whatever points I could. Not really a huge change in ATK, but every bit helps.


Focus on Interactions again. When you get to fight Mokujin again, do the same thing you did as the first fight. It should take less time to build up Solid Mind and get to 999 ATK this time.




Unleash Schuzrum Fang again, and...

Over 100 billion damage!

You should get OVER 9000 EXP, if not completely maxed out.


Get and max all Passive Skills EXCEPT Savage Warrior, Offense Boost, Dash, and Stamina Boost. Beef up your other stats and when a Mokujin battle comes, do the same thing as last time and you should hit around 200-300 billion this time, depending on how many crits you get.

After the 3rd Mokujin kill, you will most likely end up with 9999 EXP for everything.


Use the EXP you've gained to do the following:

* As mentioned above, all Passive Skills EXCEPT Savage Warrior, Offense Boost, and Stamina Boost.

* Max all Active Skills EXCEPT Charge, Aerial Pierce, and Flame Dragon (leave those at lvl 1).

* Max stats (99900K HP and 99900K MP, and 600+ in all other stats), this isn't really required. Focus on ATK, MP, INT, and SPD if you don't have enough EXP to max everything out.


Kill Mokujin again as needed until the days counter reaches 0.


Now you should be ready to tear Trillion a new one!


Fighting Trillion


1st form

* Move close to Trillion (about halfway from it). Do the same thing you did to Mokujin. Once Solid Mind is charged up, use Charge/Flame Dragon/I'm a Kangaroo/Aerial Pierce It should take two fully charged Schuzrum Fangs to clear this phase.


At 700,000,000,000 HP, this phase ends. Trillion changes forms, and you'll be given an additional two weeks of training to get ready. Simply choose Interact the whole time until you can fight Trillion again. Mokujin will also have a new form. You can either skip fighting it or kill it for more EXP. It's your call. With near max stats, he should be a pushover and still easy to overkill.


2nd form

* This should operate very similarly to the first fight, except Trillion now has two hands that can independently move and attack you. It can also summon a wind that blows you back for a few turns. With such high stats, it's best to just ignore the hands and head straight for Trillion. 2-3 fully charged Schuzrum Fangs will end this phase.


At 350,000,000,000 HP, this phase ends. Trillion changes forms once more, and you'll be given an additional two weeks of training to get ready. Simply choose Interact the whole time until you can fight Trillion again. Mokujin will not be available for training this time. It shouldn't matter, as you should have had all the training you needed before.


3rd form

This is definitely a different beast compared to the other two forms. A few things to note about this form.

* It can summon mages that can hit you from afar. Use a ranged skill such as Star Prayer to get rid of them.

* It can blow you back just like the previous form.

* You cannot retreat from this fight.

* It can conjure a shield that prevents you from getting close to it.

* It can summon a pool of miasma (poison) that spreads quickly and lingers for quite a while. This is its most dangerous move.

* Finally, it gains immunity to a skill after it has been used on it.



Start by only using Charge/Flame Dragon/Aerial Pierce to move towards Trillion. Do this for the entire fight. It might summon mages along the way, so get rid of them with Star Prayer. If you can get next to Trillion's back, start using regular attacks on it. Eventually it will use the shield move. If it does this, move to its back and start using magic skills or Schuzrum Fang on it. Make sure to have the skill's AoE hit as many of the squares that Trillion occupies for maximum damage. If Trillion does the poison move, just endure the poison and keep pounding away at it.


Eventually, either you or Trillion will fall. If your Overlord falls, they should have done at least 300 billion damage to Trillion (Schuzrum Fang should do over 100 billion alone if most of the AoE connects and the magic skills do around 30 billion each if most of their AoE connects, so this is very doable). You can then use the Final Strike Death Skill to finish off Trillion once and for all.


Video of Sample Run:


And that's that! You've beaten Trillion: God of Destruction! Enjoy NG+ and going for all the other endings. There's also a new mode called Challenge Mode that opens up. In this mode, you can pick the order of the Overlords to face Trillion, there will be no story scenes other than the intro, and each Overlord cannot retreat from a Trillion fight. While this may sound more challenging, if you follow this guide and do almost the exact steps outlined here, you should be able to clear it without problems. The only thing different I would recommend is to always use Demon Barrier as your Death Skill for the initial Overlords. I managed to defeat Trillion on my 3rd character following this route. You can also check out a Challenge Mode run here.