​​Ultimate Overlord (Platinum Trophy) Guide


Trophies Summary:

- 2/10 Difficulty with guide

- About 20-40 hours to platinum depending on how much text skipping you do.

​- 9 generic endings required, one true ending, plus one Challenge Mode needed.

​- Most trophies are easy to get. Most time consuming trophy is "Mr. Popular", which requires seeing 9 endings.

- All 'Lovey-dovey' endings REQUIRES 100% affection level with the girl in question in order to get the ending.


Platinum Route

1. First Playthrough (Ashmedia Ending) - Follow the Easy First Playthrough Guide to easily beat the game and make yourself overpowered, which will also make future playthroughs a breeze. Make sure that the Overlord is at 100% affection level before defeating Trillion, otherwise you will not get the lovey-dovey ending.

2. Second Playthrough (True Ending) - Since you've got max EXP from your first playthrough, we will use this second playthrough to work towards two endings. For this playthrough, you need to be mindful of a couple of things:

- Must get 100% Affection level on each Overlord.

- Must get a lot of Affection points (around 150000K) on each Overlord. This is easy if you keep selecting Interact during the training session.

- The Overlord in Chapter 5 has a mini boss fight before Trillion. She needs to win this fight in order to not get locked out of the True End. The boss only has about 6 billion HP, which isn't anything to worry about with near maxed stats.

- At the start of Chapter 9, you're given a choice. Choose to 'Stop them!' to proceed to the True route. This will have you go straight to Chapter 10.


There are two routes you can take for this playthrough (and future playthroughs for that matter) with regards to killing Trillion, which are either:

Method 1: Beef up your first Overlord, then use her to severely weaken Trillion (down to about 10-50 billion HP), then just skip to the Overlord you want to get the ending for and have them finish Trillion off with the Final Strike Death Skill. Doing this will increase the wait time before a new Overlord can fight Trillion (to 10 weeks as opposed to 6), however.


Method 2: Get some major EXP with your first Overlords by overkilling Mokujin multiple times, then just skip to the Overlord you want by having Trillion's first form kill off any Overlords whose endings you're not aiming for, then having the Overlord you want beat Trillion by themselves. You'll get less wait time to fight Trillion, but you'll have to keep overkilling Mokujin occasionally with future Overlords, as only a fraction of EXP earned by a previous Overlord is carried over to the next one. It is also harder to get 9999 EXP from Mokujin the more you kill it.


​I recommend Method 1 if you're planning on going up to Chapters 7+ for your playthrough, and Method 2 if going only up to Chapters 1 -6, If using Method 2, you'll probably want to alternate killing Mokujin every other chapter (Kill Mokujin a couple times in Chapter 1, skip him in Chapter 2, then kill him a couple times in Chapter 3) to make sure the next Overlords still start with 9999 EXP.


When you get to Chapter 10, it is very important you make a separate save 2 weeks before the Trillion fight and do not overwrite it. If you already saw the Hot Springs CG event for this Overlord, make a separate save right before the Trillion fight. Have the Overlord die to Trillion to enter the Final Chapter. Defeat Trillion in this chapter to obtain the True Ending, assuming all requirements were met. You can choose to make a clear game save here if you want, although if you just want the platinum, you will not be continuing from that save.

3. Faust Ending - Load up your save in Chapter 10 that's two weeks before fighting Trillion if you didn't get this chapter's Hot Spring event. If you have not seen the Hot Springs event in this chapter yet, keep going through the days until it shows up, resetting your save as needed. Once you get it, make sure Faust is at 100% affection level before proceeding, and have her kill Trillion. That's one more ending down. Make a clear save after and carry on from this file.


4. Challenge Mode - You can do this step any time, but it's better to get it out of the way. Upon loading a clear save file, select Challenge Mode,


then follow the Easy First Playthrough Guide once more to complete this easily. The main differences in Challenge Mode are the lack of story scenes (although you still need to go through the Prologue), the ability to choose between the 9 Overlords from the start, and each Overlord cannot retreat from the Trillion fight. The strategy outlined in the guide will work the same way for this mode. I do recommend picking only Demon Barrier for your Death Skills in this mode. You should be able to kill Trillion by your 3rd Overlord following this route. Fegor will probably be the easiest Overlord to do this with due to her innate Multi-Attack skill and starting ATK stats.


For a quick run of Challenge Mode, check out this archived video.


5. Seven More Playthroughs for Other Endings - Now you'll need to beat Trillion seven more times with any Overlords who haven't beaten it yet to gain the other lovey-dovey endings. This is the most tedious step. You'll also need to see each Overlord's Hot Spring event during their playthrough. Make sure the Overlord is at 100% affection level before defeating Trillion otherwise you won't get the ending.


Because of the Hot Springs event, it's best to start from the longest playthrough (Should be Chapter 9 in this case), and work your way down, making sure to see the Hot Spring event with the Overlord before beating Trillion. After you've seen each individual Overlord's Hot Spring event, you now have a chance to see a special Hot Springs event with your first Overlord. This will get you the Hot Springs Hotshot trophy.


Also, note that to reach Chapters 8 and 9, which is the only way to play as three of the Overlords, you must win the Chapter 5 mini-boss fight right before Trillion, so make sure to power up that chapter's Overlord before fighting Trillion.


Other than that, you should be familiar with how to setup your character and easily defeat Trillion at this point, so the only part that will present a challenge is the menu grind.


6. Cleanup - You may be missing a few trophies after this, all of which should only take a few minutes to achieve. Finish them off and claim your platinum!




How to get the Trophies


Mr. Popular
Watched all the lovey-dovey endings!

You'll need to get all 9 lovey-dovey ending CG images for this trophy. To get a lovey-dovey ending, you must kill Trillion with an Overlord while they have 100% affection level. You'll need to do this for all playable characters except Zeabolos.


Overlord Master
Defeated Trillion with one of the first three Overlords!

Simply kill Trillion with either Purpell, Levia, or Mammon at the start of the game. Very easy to do during NG+, as you'll likely have 9999 EXP carried over, and can easily reach max stats in no time. You'll also need to do this for the Mr Popular trophy.


Challenge Cleared!
Cleared Challenge Mode!

Upon starting a NG+, you can choose to start Challenge Mode, In this mode, you start from scratch, and there are limited story scenes. You can choose any of the 9 Overlords from the start, but they cannot retreat from Trillion fights. If an Overlord gets Trillion to change forms, they can fight the next form.


To make things easier, follow the Easy First Playthrough Guide. It will take about 3 hours to beat following the route.

Underworld True Ending
Watched the true ending!

The True Ending requires you to reach the Final Chapter and defeat Trillion while getting 100% affection level on all Overlords and over 1 billion affection points across all Overlords. See the Platinum Route above for more detail on how to do this.

Carry On
Began a second playthrough!

Start a NG+. You can go into NG+ by killing Trillion or getting a Game Over ending.

Hot Springs Hotshot
Watched everyone's hot springs event scenes!

Requires you to see 10 different Hot Spring CGs. The Hot Spring CGs are random events that show up while Resting. You need to see each of the 9 Overlords' Hot Spring CGs to unlock the last one. The last CG image can then randomly appear in Chapter 1, and only Chapter 1, while Resting. The Overlords and their Hot Spring CGs are in the following chapters:


Levia - Chapter 1, 2, or 3
​Perpell - Chapter 1, 2, or 3
Mammon - Chapter 1, 2, or 3
Ashmedia - Chapter 4
Ruche - Chapter 5
Fegor - Chapter 6
Elma - Chapter 8 (Must beat Chapter 5 mini-boss before Trillion)
Cerberus - Chapter 9 (Must beat Chapter 5 mini-boss before Trillion)
​Faust - Chapter 10 (Must beat Chapter 5 mini-boss before Trillion and select "Stop them!" at the end of Chapter 9)


Devastating Damage!
Inflicted 10 billion damage with one hit!

You should be able to do way above this damage if following the Easy Playthrough Guide.


Exceptionally Loved
Affection Points have surpassed 1 billion!

This is required for the True Ending. Keep using Interact with your Overlords and this should come easily. Obviously best done on a NG+.


Defeated Trillion's Titan Form!
Defeated Trillion in its Titan Form!

Get Trillion down to 700 billion HP. See the Easy Playthrough Guide to easily achieve this.


Defeated Trillion's Dragon Form!
Defeated Trillion in its Dragon Form!

Get Trillion down to 350 billion HP. See the Easy Playthrough Guide to easily achieve this.


Defeated Trillion's Final Form!
Defeated Trillion in its Final Form!

Get Trillion down to 0 HP. See the Easy Playthrough Guide to easily achieve this.

The Splendor of Life
Used every Death Skill!

When an Overlord dies, you can use one of 5 Death Skills. Use all 5 at least once on a single playthrough. Best done in NG+ while going for an ending of a later character.


One-Hit Wonder
Defeated Mokujin with one hit!

This is practically a requirement to get easily overpowered. When following the Easy Playthrough Guide, you'll be doing this many times.

Passive Skill Collector
Amassed a variety of Passive Skills!

Under the Stat Increase option, press R to cycle to the Passive Skills. Use your earned EXP to learn these skills. Learn several different Passive Skills on the same character to get the trophy.


Active Skill Collector
Amassed a variety of Active Skills!

Under the Stat Increase option, press R twice to cycle to the Active Skills. Use your earned EXP to learn these skills. Learn several different Active Skills on the same character to get the trophy.


The Perfect Gift!
Gave someone the best present ever!

Give an Overlord a gift they really like, Doing so will trigger a cutscene and raise affection level by 25%, The gifts for each Overlord are:


Levia - White Hair Accessory, Demon Macaron

​Perpell - Super 3D Book, Bat Umbrella

Mammon - Dimension Box, Ultimate Lock Pick

Ashmedia - Pheromone Perfume, Midnight Death

Ruche - Rose Doll, Glamorous Lipstick

Fegor - Pickled Shark, Flaming Moxibustion

Elma - Star Boy Doll, Silver Comb

Cerberus - Rainbow Rubber Ball, Demon T-Bone Steak

​Faust - Shifting Futon, A Royal Detective



Gift Guide Complete
Completed all entries in the Gift Guide!

Under Rest, there's an Underworld Prize option. You can use your tokens on this machine. Keep using tokens on the machine and you'll eventually get all the gifts. Tokens are acquired by Resting or Training. Basically, you'll get one for every training day that passes.


Demon Seals Unlocked
Opened up all the Demon Seal slots!

Under Blacksmith, Release all slots of an item. Requires 224000 G total.



Getting to Know Trillion
Broke through Trillion's outer armor!

Attack one of Trillion's parts (wing, tail, torso, etc) enough times and it will break, letting you do more damage if attacking that part. This is easily done on Trillion's Dragon form, as its wings break easily. You will probably get this trophy without even trying.


Weapon Enthusiast
Strengthened a weapon by +30!

In the Blacksmith option, You can choose to increase the ATK of an Overlord's weapon by paying money. Requires 372000 G total.


Call Me Mr. Smith
Strengthened a weapon by +10!

Similar to Weapon Enthusiast trophy.


Struck Gold!
Got 100,000G!

Gold can be acquired from doing Valley of Swords, Order, random events, or selling items. You'll probably get this without trying. Must have the 100,000 G all at once.


Skill Master
Leveled up a skill to the max!

Level up any skill to its maximum value. This will easily come if following the Easy First Playthrough Guide. Must be a skill that can be leveled to 3. Easy choices are Eagle Eye, Challenger, or Critical Hit.



Side By Side
Reached the MAX level in a relationship!

Get an Overlord's affection level to 100% by using Interact a lot and giving gifts. Required for true/lovey-dovey endings.


Special Training
Unlocked "Holy Illusion"!

This feature unlocks after losing your first 3 Overlords. It's simply a new Training option that adds to all stats at the cost of more Fatigue,


Training... Start!
Trained for the first time!

Go to the Training option and choose any of the options to start training and get some EXP.


The Training Menu - where most of the action takes place


Fever Time!
Executed Fever Time for the first time!

Get 3 Excellent ratings in a row in Training to activate this. This makes all Training results be Excellent for 7 days.


Executed Double-Up for the first time!

Get 3 Poor ratings in a row in Training to activate this. This increases the EXP gained from Training.


Used Interact for the first time!

Under Rest option, choose to Interact. You'll get affection points, which doubles as a second HP/MP bar, and is very important to raise for fighting Trillion and getting the various endings.


Used Order for the first time!

Order can be found under the Rest option in the menu. Using it gives you money relative to the amount of CAP the character has. You can get over 30000 G with one Order if your character's CAP is high enough.


Power Up!
Performed a stat increase for the first time!

Under Stat Increase option, use EXP points to increase a stat for the trophy. Practically required to beat the game.



Weapon Fortification
Powered up a weapon or opened up a slot!

Go to the Blacksmith, and pay 800 G to strengthen your weapon once, or pay 1600 G to release a slot. You'll have to do both for other trophies regardless.


Gift Giver
Gave a present for the first time!

Under Item option, you can choose to give up to 3 gifts to an Overlord each day. Give any gift to get this.


The Great Escape
Retreated for the first time!

Press Triangle while fighting Trillion or Mokujin, then select Retreat to get this. You'll be retreating against Mokujin multiple times if following the Easy First Playthrough Guide.


Valley of Swords
Challenged the Valley of Swords for the first time!

Under the Valley of Swords option. You need 5 Training Medals to enter. This is basically a one floor dungeon where you have a limited amount of turns to kill as many enemies and loot as much treasure as possible before time runs out. You need to leave the dungeon through a white portal on the ground, otherwise you'll get no items and reduced EXP.