I’m back!

It’s been over 2 years since I last updated the site. A lot has happened since then. Things have mostly stabilized for me that I can finally consider going back to semi-regular updates this year.

I’ve been working on updating my speedrun guides for Disgaea 5 in the background, and I have also started one for Disgaea 4, which I picked up last year with the arrival of the Complete+ version.

Currently, the guide for 4 only covers the Main Story, but I’m hoping to work on a Platinum Trophy guide once I get enough spare time to work with.

With Disgaea 6 coming out in Japan soon, I’m looking to dive into that game shortly after its release and hopefully work out its intricacies. There may even be some site coverage for the game soon.

One of the things I may use this section for is to announce special streams or any updates on my YouTube videos. I’m looking to work towards having some connectivity to all the different platforms I’m on this year, and this is a start towards that.

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